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The pandemic caused by the new coronavirus has changed our habits and routines of life, including our essential hygiene care. Going to the street and returning home became risky actions that require new cleaning and disinfection care for most of the population.

In this manual you can find some basic measures that, within the scope of COVID-19, help prevent contamination and reduce the spread of the virus.

COVID-19 is the name, attributed by the World Health Organization, to the disease caused by the new coronavirus SARS-COV-2, which can cause severe respiratory infection such as pneumonia.

It is considered that COVID-19 can be transmitted:

  • By respiratory droplets (particles larger than 5 microns);
  • By direct contact with contaminated surfaces.

Person-to-person transmission has been confirmed and is thought to occur during close exposure to a person with COVID-19, through the spread of respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or speaks, which can be inhaled or landed in the mouth, nose or eyes of people who are close.

Contact of the hands with a surface or object with COVID-19, and then contact with the oral, nasal or ocular mucous membranes (mouth, nose or eyes), can lead to the transmission of the infection

At Hotel Alísios our concern and our goal is the safety of everyone, so we are at your disposal to answer any questions or supplement the information provided in this document.


An individual protection plan is posted at the entrance to the Hotel with the main prevention rules:

  • "No contact" greetings;
  • Rubbing with alcoholic hydra solution after each manual contact;
  • Distance of 2 meters for all people and 4 meters for patients or suspects;
  • Avoid crowds of people;
  • Anyone who has a fever, cough or difficulty breathing should be considered a suspect case;
  • The use of masks in closed spaces is mandatory;
  • If there is a necessary contact with someone who is sick, use an FFP2 mask.


Self-monitoring of symptoms

If you have any of the symptoms described below, you should contact the reception who will call the SNS 24 line to request support and measures to be taken. While you wait, you should go back to your room,  accompanied by a member of the Staff, and not circulate in or outside the hotel.

The most frequent symptoms are:

  • Fever higher than 38º
  • Cough
  • Breathing difficulty
  • Headache
  • Muscle aches
  • Widespread weakness

You should also take extra care when one or more of the following situations may have occurred:

  • Travel history to areas with active community transmission in the 14 days before the onset of symptoms
  • Contact with a confirmed or probable case of SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19 infection, within 14 days before the onset of symptoms
  • Health professional or person who has been to a health institution where patients with COVID-19 are treated


Keeping your hands clean and disinfected is an essential step in preventing contamination by the new coronavirus. Thus, to wash your hands correctly you must:


In the social relationship with other people, some rules must be followed to avoid contagion, either from others to us or from us to others. So to reduce the proliferation of the virus, in our social relationships we must pay attention to the following aspects:

  • Reinforce personal hygiene measures;
  • Carefully follow the measures and recommendations of governmental authorities in the areas of Health and act in accordance with their guidelines;
  • Follow respiratory etiquette procedures (do not cough / sneeze into your hands; cough / sneeze into your forearm or sleeve, with your forearm flexed; use disposable tissues; wash your hands after contact with respiratory secretions);
  • Follow the procedures of social conduct (avoid handshaking; keep a distance of 2 m, etc.).

In the common areas of the Hotel, and after returning from a visit / tour abroad, after contact with the equipment, chairs, tables, etc., proceed with hand hygiene and when you go up to the room, be careful with your clothes. Do not shake it and let it air. 

In the room, follow the recommended hygiene and cleaning rules and leave the room during your cleaning.

The consumptions inside the hotel will be registered to be added to your account that you will pay at the end of the stay.

Payment is requested by bank card to avoid handling cash.

Personal protective equipment - Wearing a mask

The use of a mask is mandatory in all closed public areas of the hotel.

The World Health Organization says that the misuse of a mask can carry more risks and that the use of this object can give a false sense of protection.

Care must be taken when placing and removing masks, such as:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly before putting on the mask.
  • Place the inner side of the mask towards the face and adjust well, covering both the mouth and the nose, adjusting the mask above the level of the nasal bones and below the chin.

· While wearing the mask, you must not touch it with your hands.

· When you want to remove, you must wash your hands again.

· Remove the mask, holding only the rubber bands.

· Discard the mask and wash your hands again.


Note: Disposable masks are not washable.


Room cleaning

The cleaning of the rooms will take place daily. However, if you prefer, you can request that cleaning to be done only when replacing the bed linen. If you do not want any cleaning, please inform the reception.

Bed linen will be replaced every 3 days.

These days cleaning will take place in two phases:

  • In a first phase, a collaborator will enter who removes the bed linen and proceeds to clean the room;
  • Two hours after the cleaning is finished, the sanitized bed linen will be placed.


Hand washing or disinfection is mandatory before entering the breakfast room.

You should wear a mask that you will only remove when sitting at the table.

Experimentally and at the request of several customers, we will resume the buffet service on Wednesday 19th of August, without removing any food safety standards.
Breakfast time is available on your room TV.


The meal service is developed in the usual way, however, to comply with the rules of social distance, the space was reorganized and a smaller number of tables was available.

To avoid waiting outside the restaurant, you should check the menu that is available on your TV.

You will be given a laminated menu which has an easy cleaning.

You should wear a mask that you will only remove when sitting at the table. Any extra payments must be made in credit to the accommodation, or by debit / credit card.

Hygiene in means of transport and trade

When using the means of transport or in an enclosed interior space such as supermarket, pharmacy, shops or commercial establishments, the use of a mask is mandatory.

The use of a mask does not dispense with adherence to the rules of social distance, respiratory etiquette, hand hygiene and the use of physical barriers, so you should be aware of the capacity of each space and you may have to wait to access it.

Use of the pool

The indoor pool is closed.


Use of the beach

On the beach you must maintain a social distance of 2 meters

Consult the reception to find out if the maximum capacity of the beach has been reached.

You should only use the beach in the morning or afternoon to avoid crowding and allow everyone to enjoy this space.

Dear customer, the above rules result from the guidelines of the Portuguese health services and are mandatory.

Any questions, do not hesitate to contact the reception.

See our SARS-COVID-19 continence plan here:


Stay safe and healthy.

Your safety is our goal

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